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Samrat & Co.

Samrat & Co.

Samrat & Co. cast and crew

Actor: Rajeev Khandelwal

Release Date: 25th April, 2014

Cast: Rajeev Khandelwal, Madalsa Sharma, Gopal Datt

Writer/Director: Kaushik Ghatak

Producer: Kavita Barjatya

Samrat & Co. overview

Samrat & Co. is an approaching Hindi analyst thriller film, soon to be released in 2014. The film is Directed and produced by Kaushik Ghatak and Kavita K. Barjatya respectively. The film is launched to the crowd and the film industry under the Productions banner of the much reputed and well known Rajshri films. Though they have been known for their family oriented films, here is something new from the hat.

The movie offers Rajeev Khandelwal in the title part of Samrat. The film was at first planned for to be released on 1st of May, 2014. However Samrat & Co. will now be discharged in the movie theatres all over the country prior to the fixed date, on 25th of Apr, in 2014.

A young and rich young lady, Dimpy Singh (who is played by Madalsa Sharma), approaches Samrat Tilakdhari (i.e. Rajeev Khandelwal). He is an investigator who works privately. This is with an unusual case. Their enclosure got destroyed for reasons that seem regular yet are not known.

Heading horticulturists have inspected the blurring plants yet they have not had the capacity to distinguish the reasonable to assume reason. That’s not the end; Dimpy’s father, overall an exceptionally solid and adjusted man, has been encountering weakening health. All these perspectives when joined presents the defence sound unusual and that snatches the consideration of Samrat.

Samrat alongside his associate investigator visits the tremendous domain of Dimpy’s father. As he begins examining, he uncovers loads of complex truths. The story advances when a homicide happens in the house, which prompts an arrangement of occasions, entangling things for Samrat.

No one can be trusted or believed in. It is from here that the plot thickens in Samrat & Co. and what is to be seen is how Samrat fishes through the lies and doubts to reach to the truth.

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