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Sameera Reddy opens up on her fitness aficionados post-pregnancy

Sameera Reddy is one of the known actresses during 2000s. Sameera was usually known for her amazing glammed look. The actress made her debut in Bollywood in 2002 with Sohail Khan’s Maine Dil Tujhko Diya. Later, after getting married and having kids, the actress didn’t turn back to Bollywood as she wanted to focus on her family.

Well, away from the Btown, the actress is still a social media enthusiast with an Instagram following of 1.5 million. Addressing her millions of followers, Sameera talks of the guilt she endured when she didn’t fit a certain body type, post-pregnancy.

She said, “I would run, swim, lift, and exercise even if I was exhausted after a long day of shoot. Mentally, I was volatile. Fad dieting was a norm. I’d survive on [minimal food], and black coffee, and had cut out sugar and carbs from my diet. When you are young, you tend to do whatever you need to do to get the job done.”

Although her lifestyle contributed to the onset of thyroid, Reddy had her real moment of realisation post-partum, when the only fruits of her labour in the gym was deteriorating mental health. “I had gained 32 kilos and tried everything I possibly could. I’d always end up demotivated. That’s when I knew I had to redefine my goals and shut off. It was like cracking something into pieces, and putting it back together.”

Talking about her abrupt exercising and fitness stress the actress said, “I’d run and do busts of exercises and expect my body to react positively, but the frustration would make me give up. But, if I felt calm, I could stick to the plan. It’s not possible to depend on morale and keep at it. Consistency can be built with a calm mind. My curves have become noticeable again after taking to power yoga, and walking always works well for me. Boxing has been incredible too. But I do intend to return to lifting, again.”

As the one-woman army handling the show behind her social media page, she learns several lessons each day. “A million came and went. But I can finally speak to the right people. Those who hope that a plan that worked for them a decade ago, will do so again, will eventually be frustrated. You need to redefine goals as you age”, she added.

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