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Saloni Batra Stands in Support of ‘Animal’ Amid Criticism for Alleged Promotion of Misogyny and Patriarchy

While Animal is roaring at the box office, it’s also facing a barrage of criticism on social media. Netizens have accused the film of being misogynistic, pointing out the demeaning portrayal of female characters. Additionally, Ranbir Kapoor’s alpha male character has drawn flak for promoting toxic masculinity. In a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama, filmmaker Saloni Batra shared her thoughts on the negativity surrounding the film. Here are some key points from her perspective:

On the Misogyny Criticism:

Batra acknowledges the importance of responsible storytelling and urges filmmakers to portray women characters with dignity and respect. She believes that films should challenge stereotypes and promote positive gender roles, rather than perpetuating harmful narratives.

On Ranbir Kapoor’s Character:

Batra suggests that the portrayal of a hyper-masculine alpha male character might not resonate with modern audiences who are increasingly aware of gender equality issues. She emphasizes the need for nuanced and complex male characters who are not defined by their traditional masculinity alone.

On Balancing Artistic Expression and Social Responsibility:

Batra acknowledges the artistic freedom of filmmakers but argues that it shouldn’t come at the expense of social responsibility. Films can be entertaining and commercially successful while also promoting positive values and meaningful conversations.

Batra calls for a shift in the industry’s approach to storytelling, encouraging filmmakers to create content that is inclusive, sensitive, and promotes social progress. She believes that the success of films like Animal highlights the need for diverse voices and perspectives in Indian cinema. The debate surrounding Animal’s portrayal of women and its implications on masculinity reflects a broader conversation about social responsibility in cinema. It’s crucial for filmmakers to be mindful of the potential impact of their work and strive to create narratives that are both entertaining and socially conscious. It’s important to encourage diverse voices and perspectives in cinema while ensuring that films promote positive values and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society.

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