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Salman Khan’s Hit n Run Case Took an Incredible Turn : He Refused, Was Driving

Salman Khan

Whenever it comes to face the truth, it’s indeed painful to accept and of course is a biter one that takes huge gap to swallow. These things apart, long time ago one of our favorite star’s case which was registered in 2002 finally boom the high court today. A star cum celeb who’s just renowned for his loving nature, yes we are depicting about the one n only Khan of Bollywood i.e. ‘Salman Khan’ finally caught by the generalist today for law n justice for the case of ‘Hit n Run’. But, this was not just limited to the generalist; the news got a spark when he himself i.e. our Sallu bhai himself refused to accept that he was driving.

A case for which some of his enemies were eager to know, a case wherein there’s hardly any chance to escape finally got triggered today in the evening. All the witnesses were called within a tight security beneath a single floor for justice. However, if we talk about the case then it rolls like this, it was an SUV car that ran over people sleeping on a pavement in Mumbai. But, as far as the sources are concerned then the main culprit was Salman Khan, and thus the high court judge started asking questions on the same and the thing that triggered fire was like he i.e. our ‘Sallu Bhai’ himself refused to accept that he was driving the car. He added, “I was not driving the car that ran over innocent people sleeping on a pavement in Mumbai, it was my driver Ashok” – As per the sources.

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