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Salman Khan’s Hit n Run Case: Another Twist by Prosecution Triggered Wrangling

Salman Khan

After a long decade a fire catching case with a sizzling title “Hit n Run” which took not more than 12years to come up after a pleasant silence. But now it doesn’t seems like the flame will easily get escaped from the Bollywood. As far as the defence and prosecution is concerned both are on the verge of creating some sort of fire by placing their toughest evidence in the court. The better statement for this would be like a battle between the two, the one with a lamp of defence is leaving no stone unturned to prove that indeed the dashing personality ‘Salman Khan’ is getting dragged in a false case whereas on the other side, the prosecutor adding up their best to prove the actors guilty.

Coming on to the most sizzling part of the stuff, as per the sources the case triggered with a twist when the defence totally regret that the fellow people were not injured at the time of incident but, they have been injured by the crane which accidently dropped the car while lifting it up. Isn’t a bit shocking and strange to hear that? Of course it is. On the other hand if we talk about the prosecutor then on Thursday claimed that the mishap took place due to tyre burst with which the vehicle got skid that led to the injurious accident. With this the decision is pending via court and ‘Salman Khan’ is asked again to give his presence on 23rd April 2015. Till then let’s see what new things the Hit n Run case explores from the box.

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