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Salman Khan’s Hit n Run Case : An Unbeatable Twist Turned the Case Again with Driver’s Fake Commitment

Salman Khan’s Hit n Run Case

Well said, ‘A Truth Is Stranger than Fiction’ a perfect statement that explores each n everything behind the scenes of our beloved actor cum stunning celeb. Indeed, we are depicting about the one n only dashing cum super personality ‘Salman Khan is seems to be grabbed under the arms of justice once again. A trending topic all over the B town, smashing all the platforms every now n then seems to take a turn that not even his fans but also the audience have ever thought off. Though, these statements seems like something really shocking but, as soon as you’ll go on n on with the blog, you’ll actually come to know that our ‘Sallu Bhai’ seems to be really in big trouble. Have a look it catches fire like this.

As a loving fan of ‘Salman Khan’ you’ll might be aware of the various hurdles in the hit n run case don’t you? So, it’s like this. A few days back a statement by his driver which actually made everyone nothing but still for a while. Statement by Ashok Singh – “It was me who was driving the car, and not Salman Bhai” the statement was actually a bit shocking and in the end changed the entire scenario behind the scenes. While though the statement was about catch fire on the Bollywood, suddenly a new twist come up exploring like this. As per the sources – “Ashok Singh is liable to be prosecuted for perjury (giving false evidence on oath) as there are circumstances to suggest that he was telling a lie,” By the prosecutor Pradeep Gharat – As per the sources. With unbeatable evidence in his hand the prosecutor, he committed that Salman there in ‘Rain Bar’ along with his singer friend Kamal Khan and brother Sohail. In addition to this he also added that “The waiter had said he served ‘Bacardi Rum’ and cocktails along with prawns and snacks to Khan’s group”­­- As per the sources.

Though these statements seem like a diplomatic in views i.e. whether to believe these or not? However, the case is still on and thus may catch up with some more stunning twists. So, till then stay tuned with

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