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Salman Khan will promote Chiranjeevi and his son’s dream project

Megastar Chiranjeevi and his son Ram Charan are set to appear on the screen together for the first time in the upcoming film ‘Acharya’, which will be released on a digital platform on February 4, 2022. It is reported that the movie ‘Acharya’ has locked its OTT streaming partner. If there is one person from the Telugu entertainment world whom Salman Khan cherishes the most, it is Chiranjeevi. The veteran Telugu entertainer is so near Salman that Salman now and again remains with Chiranjeevi and his family when he visits Hyderabad. The affection stretches out to Chiranjeevi’s child Ramcharan Teja too.

At the point when Teja made his (tragic) Bollywood debut in Zanjeer, food on Ramcharan’s sets came regularly from Salman’s kitchen however long Chiranjeevi’s child was shooting in Mumbai.

No big surprise, then, as Chiranjeevi and Ramcharan gear up for their film Acharya to deliver on April 1, Salman has chosen to contribute his fame to the advancement of the dad child’s expensive endeavor. While subtleties of how Salman will advance Acharya are yet to be uncovered a source from the group says, “For Chiranjeevi Sir, Salman Bhai will do anything.”

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