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Is Salman Khan – Sanjay Dutt friendship on Stake ?




salman khan & Sanjay Dutt

The friendship of Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt is a two and half decade old now. However, if you believe the recent buzz, the film has done a decent business over the box office. The reports suggest that their friendship bond has soured now and are seen drifted apart. As per a recent media report, things went bad when Sanjay was seen sacking a managed suggested by Salman Khan. When Sanju Baba released from Yerwada Jail this year, Salman has recommended his former manager to be appointed by Salman.

However, when Sanjay approached him, he quoted a huge amount as salary and perks , hence he has no option but to keep the person on hold for his management job. In fact, he then sacked him for the higher perks being asked by the manager, which certainly irked Salman Khan.  Besides, the actor has speculated lots of stuff for the friendship. Both Salman and Sanjay have worked in a couple of films together and even have co-hosted the popular reality show called Bigg Boss once. Though they have parted ways, we wish and pray that the duo come together. Let’s see, how long the bitterness would last long between the two stars.

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