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Salman Khan not to marry in his entire life

Salman Khan marriage

The talk show Ek Mulaqaat over DD News seems to be in news for different reason now. The talk show, which is known to cover different celebrities, the recent man who was seen here was Salman Khan. This man had no reason of confessing the fact about his bachelorhood and his intention of not getting married in his entire lifetime. The blockbuster actor simply has no interest in his marriage or in things like neither politics nor he is keen in making movies or directing any. This is the same talk show, wherein Salman was being hurled with words like Lafanga by actresses like Deepika Padukone.

This talk show is a popular program at DD, which has aired at 9.30 pm, which is even telecasted on Sunday as well at 11.30 pm. So far the program has covered a number of celebrities from different walks of life including politicians, social worker, Bollywood actors, etc. since the advent of this talk show since 2010. Salman Khan who was seen recently in this program openly confessed that he would never settle down with a marriage, while he enjoys his social life and doing things for his charity program called Being Human. He has plans to get engaged into a number of activities pertaining to his charitable organization called Being Human; he is keen to work for the betterment of Children.

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