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‘Salman Khan did not gift me a house ….’


Bipasha Basu dam of anger has finally been broken and shee took out their anger on Twitter fiercely. Indeed, it was such that there were rumors  quite a few days ago in the news that Salman Khan gifted Bipasha Basu is home of 10 million

Bipasha Basu wrote on Twitter ‘biggest nonsense I’ve ever read it .. why would I take this gift from anyone ? ….’ ‘

Let you know that , Salman  was also present at the marriage of Bipasha Basu and he had spent a lot of time. Salman Khan  and Bipasha had too many cute pictures which were viral. Even Bipasha also told the media that the actor came to my wedding .. My dream is complete.

Bipasha Basu and Salman Khan  had worked had worked together in ‘No entry’ . After which the two became good friends, and their friendship continues till date.

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