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Salman Khan Kick Movie Review

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If you talk about the movie Kick, it is nothing but the new synonym, meant for adrenaline rush found in India and soon is likely to take the entire world on a stride soon. Being released in more than 4000 screen in India and 700 outside, Kick can be called as the knit story about one adrenaline junkie played by Salman Khan known as Devil who is seen doing things in a different way to find out the right Kick out of the same. The movie happens to be the debut direction of Sajid Nadiwala who was earlier only known for production, whereas the writers include Vakkantham Vamsi and others in the lead role include Jacqueline Fernandez, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Randeep Hooda, etc.

Kick Review Script Analysis :

The story isn’t new or unique, as the movie is a remake of a 2009 Telugu movie carrying the same title. The movie simply starts with Shaina played by Jacqueline Fernandez who happens to be a psychiatrist is seen meeting her potential groom called Himanshu played by Randeep Hooda during a train journey in Warsaw.  However, neither of the two is interested in a formal arranged marriage, though after meeting a couple of times they turn good friends. At this juncture, she then plans to share her past particularly about her former boyfriend called Devil. Now, you see the entire movie in a flashback unlike a number of other movies seen in Bollywood. Now, this is where you have the entry of the Hero.

As she shares her story, Himanshu also opens up and share a couple of his adventurous tales being a police officer and later claims that he has met his match and talks about one of the intelligent thief, who is eventually the same man the Devil. Ironically neither of the two knows the fact that the man in their life happens to be the same one called as Devil. However, if you look at the role of Salman he is not a Devil or a superman but someone who is very much ordinary person who is willing to do things in a very different way in order to get the kick out of the same. Now, the story enters into the present tense wherein you can find the reentry of Devil in their life. This is where you can find the whole scenario changing and the and also understanding the reason why this man has turned out to be a devil in the story.

Though this movie is a remake of the Telugu Kick, yet both the Kicks are different than each other. The one made in the south has loads of comedy wherein the Devil played by Ravi Teja and the Burfi girl Ileana D Cruz. It was more or a less a typical Ravi Teja comedy with some action in it, while this is not the case of 2014 Kick. Perhaps the character of Telugu Kick was designed in a manner, which suits the carefree character as he is very much familiar about playing such roles and hence making this role as per his whims and fancies really helped the character to glow in the movie.

Now back to Salman, who happens to be very much different than Ravi is seen in a different avatar than the latter and so is the difference of 2014 Kick from the previous one. Even the director has left no stone unturned to make the remake movie different than the South Indian one. Perhaps the character of Devil in Bollywood movie sounds different, who is seen taking the role of Robinhood doing some bad in order to do good for others, however, this you are going to realize at the end. You would simply love the mystery of the movie, which keeps the stick over your seat for long without taking any frequent loo break except taking during the intermission.

Last Words for Kick Review :

Perhaps, you are going to enjoy the kind of mystery the Devil character encompasses and the kind of things he does in order to achieve the uncompromising mission of this man. So, as you catch up any show of Kick, you would be simply be drawn towards the idea of exploring the real mission and vision of Devil’s life and the reason why this man is seen treading this path despite being an ordinary man. The other reason to watch this movie is to find out how much water does Sajid Nadiawala holds being a director. As far as the music is concerned, it has already garnered good reviews with few songs really going viral among the fans of Salman. In perspective of performance Salman seems incredible in his role, and Robin Hood Pandey character played in Dabang really had helped him to adopt the same lines while performing the character of Devil in Kick. The others in the list including Jacqueline, Hooda and of course Nawazuddin Siddiqui who is seen incredible unlike his previous movies like Gangs of Vaseypur or Lunch box are simply fantastic.  The other elements like screenplay, dialogues, music and others are simply outstanding and incredible.

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