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Salman Khan Hit & Run Case- His SUV wasn’t speeding says lawyer

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In the recent buzz about Hit & Run Case, the lawyers in the court claims that Khan’s vehicle (SUV) was not all speeding up and the RTO officer checking his SUV was not an expert of the same.  As per the lawyer – Srikant Shivade, the RTO official carrying out the test on Salman Khan’s vehicle is an expert only for Indian made cars and not the imported ones. On the fatal day when this alleged accident was seen occurring, the circumstantial evidence points out a fact that the car’s speed was at 90 to 100 km per hour, which was one of the key reasons why the defense believed that the airbags failed to inflate.

The lawyer further said that the RTO expert also didn’t use any modern tool in order to check the key reason behind the mishap as the police stopped him to carry out the further investigation to find out the truth. He further questions the allegations made by prosecution claiming that the vehicle was at the speed of 90 to 100 KM/Hr. He said that there was no damage over the car not even its bonnet is seen getting damaged. This simply falsifies the guard’s statement about the said speed.

He also argued that the expert didn’t follow the particular formula to calculate the speed after checking the vehicle tyre marks. He further informed that the car has special designs, which enables the inflation of the airbags. Thus he claimed that the motor vehicle report was nothing but a falsified one, while the case was concocted and that the story of the defense tyre blast was due to some small stone, which caused the steering lose its control causing the alleged accident.

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