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Salman Khan Hit& Run Case: Decision on Wednesday- Actor may face 1o yrs Imprisonment

salman-khan-hit-and-run-case-final-statement on wednesday

Salman Khan is more known for his off camera temper tantrums, bulging biceps and even good initiatives like Being Human is known has been in news for many things and particularly his cases. One of these is the infamous of Salman Khan, the hit and run case wherein he was alleged to drink and drive killing and injuring a couple of people sleeping over the footpath in Bandra. He is accussed of losing control of his vehicle (SUV) after consuming alcohol at an upmarket bar in Mumbai long back in 2002 and seen disappearing from the scene.

The court case has come a long way, passing through several years of court hearings and legal hold ups, the Judge based in Bombay Court will be giving his final verdict on Wednesday finally excepted to go against the actor for getting the punishment on the charges of culpable homicide. The actor enjoys a huge fan following but his fame and power is not more likely to save him from the imprisonment of around 10 years, which he is likely to face.

As per the public prosecutor – Pradeep Gharat, he is expecting a conviction but cannot really predict the same despite presenting the case to his best. He informed that he is sure about his job, which he has carried out with 100 percent conviction. Earlier, Khan was seen pleading that he was not guilty and that driver is responsible for the said accident. Earlier a constable was seen claiming in his statement it was Khan only who lost the control as he was driving at a speed of 90 KPH. The same constable passed away owing to TB.

On the other hand, the actor’s lawyer claimed that the star was seen drinking water all evening and seen climbed over the driver’s seat once the accident was seen occurring owing to the passenger side door was seen getting damaged. Finally the actor’s driver came forward and said he has been on the driving seat when the accident was seen taking place, which was actually due to the bumper failure that landed him on the pavement. Let’s see how things move!

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