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Salman Khan Hit-and-Run Case- Actor reaches the Session Court for the Final Verdict

salman-Khan hit and run case verdict today

It’s a historical day today for Salman Khan and his fans to see what really happens in the final verdict of Salman Khan Hit and Run Case of 2002. The case, which was dragged for 13 long years finally comes to an end today with final verdict being given by the Mumbai Court Session for the alleged accident caused by Salman Khan killing one footpath dweller and injuring a couple of them sleeping over the pavements. The actor was seen flying back to Bombay yesterday from Kashmir wherein he was busy shooting for his upcoming movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

His car drove him to the session court slowly as he was surrounded by his fans and supporters from the both sides. His driver Ashok Singh who has been in the court giving the statement that it was he who did the accident and Salman was the man to bring to actor to the court today. His entire family is present in the court except his parents. As per experts, if Salman is found guilty, he may face the imprisonment for ten years. The prosecution was successful enough to put across some strong evidence against Salman for driving the car after consuming alcohol on 28th September 2002 when he lost control and saw his car thrashing three men.

However, Salman Khan has pleaded not guilty in the earlier hearings of the case. He claimed that his tyres got burst, which led the engine stop causing a deep skid due to high speed causing the accident. Since last evening loads of his friends and relatives dropped in to meet the actor, while reports even suggest that around 200 crore seems to be riding over the mega star who is around seven different films in the coming two years, which are going to affect if he is convicted.

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