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Salman Khan Got Kick : His Facebook Page Completed 19 Millions Likes

salman khan fb likes

Think off, which celebrity I’m talking about? He’s none other than one of our favorite, the dashing star, a star with whom we have learnt a beautiful meaning of ‘Kick’, yes you are right he’s none other than ‘Salman Khan’ who has completed 19 Million likes on his FaceBook page, still don’t believe this right? Therefore, for you we have a proof of that as well. Check out the snapshot above and say isn’t a strange for us?

Social Media’ this might be just two words for some fellow guys n girls. But, guys these are not just words but, appears to be the golden words, especially for those who are just crazy or may be called as an addicted person to ‘Social Media’ like Twitter, Face Book n all, Nonetheless, if I talk about these addicted youngsters then, surely these just blow in the air of ‘Social Media’ isn’t?.

Let us just talk something practical on this, can you tell me if you simply share a pic on Facebook then, don’t you expect that you should get some likes on that? I know we all are just crazy to increase the no. of likes on that isn’t? However, guys the picture doesn’t end on this. How about the numbers if it’s for a well know celebrity? Guess it,, 1k, 10k, or may 200k right? But, reading these numbers I would surely say that ‘These are just nothing in front of those for which soon I’ll be depicting about’

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