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Salman Khan Blackbuck case: The Actor pleads not guilty being both Hindu & Muslim

salman-khan blackbuck case

In the recent development of the infamous Salman Khan Blackbuck killing case, the actor has pleaded the court; he is not guilty in Jodhpur. The hearing got its share of drama as well when he said he is an Indian by caste. He was seen pleading before Anupama Bijlani the chief judicial magistrate while recording his statement over the charges that was framed against him under the Arms Act in association with the 1998 Blackbuck shooting case. The Blackbuck is among the protected animals in India.

Before the charges were read out briefly to Salman Khan, the Jodhpur Court was seen following the routine procedure of establishing his identity by simply asking his name, profession and caste. When the judge finally asked him about his caste, he was seen in a fumbled state looking side to side. However, when his lawyer repeated this question, he ended up saying that he is an Indian. When the judge insisted that Indian cannot be anyone’s caste, he finally said, he is both a Hindu and a Muslim.

He further elaborated that his father is Muslim, while his mother is a Hindu. As we all know he is the son of Salim Khan who is a scriptwriter, while his mother is Sush eela Charak who is a Hindu. When the judge stated that there are four more witnesses in this case, the actor simply denied saying that all are faulty ones. He further was seen pleading not guilty saying that he is innocent and is not implicated. On asking who implicated the actor, he replied the forest department. The actor has taken some time to reply the charges read against him, which was granted by the court by 4th of May.

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