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Salman Khan at the age of 56 can easily challenge any 20 year old over fitness and we have the proof

Salman Khan is one of the most popular superstars of the industry across the world. He enjoys a massive fan following online as well. He often shares glimpses of his personal life with his fans on social media. Salman is one of the few actors who have made the six pack abs and toned body in style.

Even at the age of 56, he is keeping his physic in a perfect condition.

Fitness enthusiasts look up to the Bollywood superstar’s well muscled body. His passion for fitness has aided him in fending off the ravages of time. While he continues to be an inspiration to all fitness fanatics, he has also assisted several younger celebrities in the industry, including Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha, in getting in shape.

Salman Khan manages to fit in at least an hour or two of gym time every day, sometimes even after midnight, despite his hectic schedule. Bench presses, weight training, treadmill, sit-ups and push-ups, circuit training, and planks are among the routines in his fitness routine.

Salman Khan also rests his body by taking a day off from his workout. He enjoys riding as well. During his free time, he is frequently seen cycling on the streets in and around the city.

Salman Khan has a healthy diet as well. Even though he enjoys desi khana, he is conscious of diet and health. He also reduced his intake of sugary and processed foods significantly. Not only that, but he also avoids protein supplements and steroids, and tells his supporters to do the same.

Previously talking about fitness he said, “Nowadays, there is a trend of taking steroids but it’s really a wrong trend. I feel no one should use these. In fact, a lot of people misuse steroids, which is really bad for their bodies because they can damage your liver and kidney. There are a lot of people who have died doing exercises in the gym because of heart failure. So, it is not the right thing to do at all.”

Salman often gives fitness advice to enthusiasts, “Whenever you get the time, you should do your workout. I get free time after lunch break or after dinner, in the morning or in between the shots. Whenever I get time, I exercise one body part. Sometimes, I exercise the stomach, chest or legs, because I don’t have the time to spend an hour or two in the gym. Wherever I spot a small place, I start doing exercises. I think you need gym equipment to do your exercise but if it’s not there, you can go for traditional forms of exercise.”

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In a world full of writers, I'll just be another one with an edge to be the best. I am a content writer by trade and part-time poet.

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In a world full of writers, I'll just be another one with an edge to be the best. I am a content writer by trade and part-time poet.
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