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Salman Khan: Aamir Khan doesn’t need to worry about ‘Dangal’

Aamir Khan and Salman Khan’s friendship could be under threat next year, as both actors are set to star in films about wrestling, reportedly causing Aamir to worry that his film, ‘Dangal’, which will hit cinemas five months after Salman’s ‘Sultan’, will suffer as a result.

A source close to the movie said: “Aamir is concerned about the similarities between the two films. He has worked really hard for Dangal, even putting on over 30 kgs risking his health in the bargain. Now, with Sultan is releasing before Dangal, he’s worried that his film might suffer.”

Whilst many actors may be nervous about competing with Salman, who the media have nicknamed ‘The Box Office King”, the ‘Kick’ star insists that Aamir has nothing to worry about.

Salman explained: “Aamir doesn’t need to worry at all. Dangal has a beautiful script. Aamir plays a father in the film. In Sultan, I don’t have any children. I just have to battle my opponents in the ring. There is no negative force in Sultan, there’s just me and a love story that takes the story forward.”

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