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Salman Khan Aamir and SRK his friends on Twitter

Salman calls SRK and Aamir his friends

We often hear rumors about the differences between the top three Khans in B Town. However, if you check them out at depth, you are more likely to find any stuff in it. Thanks to the rumor mill, which keeps on milling different speculations and rumors about the Khans. On the contrary the three have been supporting to each other and standby for each other.

Ever since Salman Khan was seen hugging Shah Rukh Khan, things between the two were seen settling down a lot as found SRK actively participating in Arpita Khan’s wedding. Similarly, things between Aamir Khan and Salman remained cool and the former even went out of the way to settle down the issues between the media photographers and Sallu as they had boycotted the actor to cover in the media.

Similarly, we see the media reporting and fabricating issues about the number one debate. However, just recently, Salman Khan was seen calling the other Khans (Aamir and SRK) as his friend as he hardly cares about the number position in the media. In his recent tweet over the microblogging site, he said, he cares the least about the number game along with asking his fans to stop pitting there favourite actors each other as it can only spread negative about the same.

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