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Salman gets Bail till May 8 from Bombay High Court in Hit and Run Case

As expected, the lawyers of actor Salman Khan didn’t waste any moment to file an application for his bail after he was pronounced guilty for the infamous hit and run cases by a Mumbai Sessions Court for charges of culpable homicide. The actor has finally managed to get the bail for the charges, however, this  comes as a brief relief for the actor as the Bombay High Court has granted the interim bail for just two days, which will complete on 8th May. This afternoon, the Additional Sessions Judge called D.W. Deshpande was seen giving the historical verdict at a courtroom in Mumbai, which made everyone including his family stunned and they are still seen under a great shock.

Salman Khan, who is known as one of the top bankable stars found in Bollywood industry, was earlier sentenced for the said culpable homicide charges, which is not amounting to murder. The judge had found the actor guilty for the rash driving leading to death of one and injuring a couple of them over the pavements based in Bandra across the bakery in 2002 September.  No sooner this verdict was given, his lawyer was quick to apply for the bail, which was granted for just two days. The decision, however, took long but has given a message loud and clear that even the rich with money and other power cannot get away committing any crime and Salman Khan is the classic example to this.

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