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Salman Devoting Ganpatiji On Visarjan

salman khan ganpati visarjan

Waiting for the day since an entire year when we all unite together to praise the lord Ganesha, finally turned into reality a day before yesterday. Though the excitement level of all us was in sparking around the waves, but mean while our hearts were full of tears soon after giving the Lord Ganesha a delightful visarjan after completing 1.5 days. The same way goes with the entire Bollywood celebrities as well who follow these 1.5 days of devotion. The one who’s rolling with something really unique in his style is none other than our beloved Salman Khan.

Have look on the pics right below here, you’ll catch each n everyone full on delighting on the day, especially the celebrities like Arbaaz Khan, Arpita Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan, Alvira Khan and last but not the least the one full on ready to smash the floor is our ‘Sallu Bhai’. Watch the video wherein he’s enjoying each n every bits of dholl.

Salman Khan Ganpati Visarjan Album :

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Salman Khan Dance Videos :


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