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Saif Ali Khan Finally reacts to the hue & cry over son Taimur Ali Khan’s name

After a much hue and cry over the name of his recently born son, Saif Ali Khan finally was seen speaking up about the fuss social media made when he and his wife Kareena Kapoor Khan christened their baby as Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. His reaction is both legit and funny. However, he soon explained why they chose the name and how it is different from the Turk emperor whom his infant is being compared to right now. The 46 year old actor told Mumbai Mirror, “Perhaps, I should have added a disclaimer, as they do in the movies, that any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.“

Witty is something we would expect of Khan but this one is too cool and apt. Just like how they do it before the movies, perhaps even the Khan family should’ve sent out a disclaimer along with their official statement for naming their son Taimur. Soon, he decided to divulge a little more on what sets his son apart from the Turk ruler. “My wife and I love the sound of it and we love its meaning. I am aware of the heritage of the Turkish ruler–he was Timur, my son is Taimur, an ancient Persian name that means iron,” said the 46 year old. The Rangoon actor further explained how he was very much aware of the history and had no plans to offend anyone, “I’m aware of the heritage of the Turkish ruler and my son was not named after him.

He was Timur, my son is Taimur. Perhaps the root is similar but it’s not the same name. Taimur is an ancient Persian name meaning iron. Both my wife and I liked its sound and the meaning. In fact, of all the names I ran by Kareena, she liked this one the best because it’s beautiful and strong,“ he says, adding that Taimur was the name of a boy he’d grown up with and a cousin too. “It’s an old family name like Sara who was also named after a cousin I admired. “

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