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Sai Kabir’s “Divine Lovers”: Kangana Ranaut and Irrfan Khan


Movie director Sai Kabir is all set to do another film with his “Revolver Rani”. The new project, titled Divine Lovers, will also feature Irrfan Khan.

Set in Mumbai and Aligarh, the story would be about great Indian Dream. It would be a complete contrast to ‘Revolver Rani’. ‘Revolver Rani’ is set in Chambal and puts forth the story of an unwanted girl child who later grows up to scare everyone in the area and uses her gun with perfect ease. The movie will be completely opposite to what Revolver Rani was. Nothing loud, aggressive, violent content will be showcased.The movie is titled as “Divine Lovers”featuring Irrfan Khan and Kangana Ranaut in the lead role.”The movie is set in the lower middle class and is about the moral corruption of the middle-class, “said Sai Kabir.

Regarding doing a film again with Kangna, the director said, “I want to build my hero Alka Singh as a franchise. She’ll be my toy to tell many stories. I want her to do many things in the future, including fight America and revive the Soviet Union.”. Before starting the shoot of divine lovers, he is directing a short film this monsoon. Being very selective on his film’s content the director said that his obsession for middleclass comes from the fact that for nine years,   he was an assistant to Saeed Mirza and Kundan Shah and they have highly influenced him.

The “Queen” has impressed us with her skills in the film and made an impact even in totally opposite role of Alka Singh in “Revolver Rani” and critics have appraised her for the Revolver Rani tremendously. Let’s see what will be the response of audience to the “Divine Lovers” Kangana and Irrfan!!!

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