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Sacred Games fame Elnaaz Norouzi to appear in Indie-Pop

Elnaaz Norouzi

Elnaaz Norouzi, who made her place in the hearts of viewers with her acting in Netflix’s popular series Sacred Games, will now be seen spreading her pay in a music album. Iranian actress Elnaaz Norouzi will now be seen entertaining the audience by performing killer dance moves in Tony Kakkar’s music video ‘Naagin Jaise Kamar Hila’.

Talking about her music video, Elnaaz stated that “I performed in this song because I think it is very brilliantly composed. It is very cool and eye catching and I hope everyone else will like it too. I love to dance a lot and I got a chance to show my talent in this song. I think as an artist you should keep doing different things. I love Indian music and music videos very much. It is amazing that I got to work with Tony. When I heard this song, I immediately agreed to the video. “

The Sacred Games actress also stated that it is also true that acting will always be her first love. Elnaaz said, “Acting is my number 1 passion. Before the Sacred Games, no one knew that I could act. My goal was to first establish myself as an actress and then show off my dancing skills. By the way, music video is also a medium for storytelling and in this song I got a chance to act in a different way which is very exciting. ”

Elnaaz told that she has been a dancer since childhood. Recalling her love for dance, she said, “I was fond of dancing since childhood. I remember that when I was little, my aunt used to teach me a traditional Persian dance. When I went to Germany, I used to take dance classes regularly. I love to dance and I work very hard for this. “

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