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Sacred Games Episode Name with their hidden meanings

Sacred Nation is considered to be the first Indian series put over the streaming platform called Netflix. It is directed by the popular filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and Vik (Vikramditya Motwane). With its unique and bold content, it has become very much successful, but not many were able to know about the names that have been used in different episodes. Well, how about checking the top 5 popular names and their hidden meanings as well:

 1). Ashwathama


He is the son of Dronacharya who happens to be the fearless warrior and has fought in the epic Mahabharta. He comes from the Brahmin family while his childhood seemed to be complete with struggle and getting the basics like food was also a big task for him. Similar is the case with the family of Gaitonde who also comes from the same background and had to struggle a lot. He is the man who was successful enough to save the Mumbai Mission and thus took the responsibility of of his work despite being suspended from the Police force. He gave his best efforts to solve the problems in just three weeks.

2). Halahala

2). Halahala

The name Halahala comes from poison which was produced during the Amrit Manthan days and this was the time when several things were released that included the poison, which was consumed by the Shiva for securing the universe and the gods. However, Parvati grabbed his neck preventing the poison to go inside the body and soon it turned his body blue.

3). Atapi Vatapi

Both Atapi and Vatapi happen to be demon brothers, the former used to call travelers to his house, while the other used to turn himself into god and thus feed the people. however, when the travelers used to lease Vatapi used to enter into the stomach of them and ended them killing.

4). Brahmahatya


The meaning of Brahmahatya is killing a Brahmin, but at the same time it also means killing humans which simply do not include the Hindus. The political reasons leads Gaitonde to kill Muslims which is called as Brahmahatya which he does to take revenge from Isa and his people.

5). Sarama


Sarma is a female dog that had helped Indra to get the cows having special power to save his cows. Similar situation is seen here when Bunty was seen getting killed but since he knew the Mumbai mission plan, he was forced to left alive.

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