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Saat Pheron Ki Hera Pheri

Saat Pheron Ki Hera Pheri TV Serial

Star CastShekhar Suman, Swati Shah, Ami Trivedi and Amit Mistry

TV Channel : Sab Tv

Days : Mon-Fri

Release Date – Coming Soon

Synopsis: The popular comedy channel called Sab TV is all set to embark a new TV show called Saat Phero Ki Hera Pheri. It is a comical drama TV show, which has an interesting star cast having Shekhar Suman as Bhupi Tandon, Swati Shah as Neetu Tandon along with Ami Trivedi and Amit Mistry. The TV show would be aired at the said TV channel at the prime time, which has brought back the megastar of small screen Shekhar Suman who would be playing the character of the male counterpart while while Swati Shah would be playing his wife’s role in the film. The TV show is produced by the B Town actor Paresh Rawal and Hemal Thakkar, while the story is written by Sanjay Chhel and it is Co-written by Rahul Patel.

The story talks about the hilarious story of two married couples and their journey for understanding if there is anything known as a happy marriage. The character of Bhupi Tandon is played by Shekhar Suman who happens to be fifty year old man. He is known to have an old-fashioned beliefs of a stereotyped Indian male. He is known to be extremely chauvinistic person and he believes that the Man happens to be the boss of the house along with having all the wives are to be dominated. Despite these beliefs he happens to be a good hearted person and he is known to cares about his family but at the same time fails to express his love. He happens to be a travel agent by profession, while his wife Bhupi is a singer at heart. Though he happens to be a flamboyant Punjabi yet he feels that saving rather than spending is the key to successful life.

On the other side, you have another couple with Swati Shah playing the character of Neetu Tandon. She treats her husband to be that the husband happens to be the man who can give her salvation. She is a good cook and often enjoys cooking a lot. So, what happens the next would be interesting to catch.

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