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SAARC countries favours the traditional medicines

The SAARC Nations were seen sitting together recently discussing one of the vital issues like health. In their recent meeting they had the brain storming on non communicable diseases and concluded by favouring the traditional medicines in healthcare sector. It was the 5th SAARC meeting when the health ministers of the concerned nations were present.

The nations in their declaration said that more than 80 percent of premature deaths are caused due to the chronic non communicable diseases found in these nations. Talking about the solutions, they vouched for the traditional medicines and treatment options and exhorted upon sharing the knowledge and expertise about the holistic healthcare treatment options.

The document also suggested the need for implanting a high quality and high coverage immunization provisions for vaccine preventable diseases along with the modern monitoring systems. The document also suggested certain action plans for prevention and control of TB, vector borne diseases, hepatitis B and C, and several non-communicable diseases (NCD) and mental health disorders.

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