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Sala Khadoos Movie Review

Saala Khadoos Movie Review

This Friday, you have two movies releasing, which certainly include Sala Khadoos, which is a sportsdrama film. It is written and directed by Sudha Kongara made both in Hindi and Tamil featured simultaneously in both the industries. The film has R Madhavan in the leading role of a boxing coach who is seen in opposite to Ritika Singh who plays the character of aspiring boxer. The film is produced by S Sashikanth under the banner of Y NOT Studios in association with UTV Motion Pictures.  The film has other actors including Mumtaz Sorcar, Nassar, Radha Ravi, Kaali Venkat and Sanjana Mohan. Now, let us dig in deep into the film to get the crux of the movie.


Meet the man called Adi Tomar played by R Madhavan who has a dream of winning gold medal for boxing. When he was close to getting closer to his dream, he is spiked making him blind in the arena, which gives the match easily to an undeserving opponent. The culprit is his own coach called Dev Khatri. Shattered by his loss, he is disillusioned by the Indian boxing, he is seen becoming cynical and indulges all the rots found in the society. His loyal friends then bring out from the booze, bar fights and brothels and manage to make him the coach of some lowly rated Indian women’s boxing team. However, his outspoken integrity sends him to Chennai – the Siberia of Indian boxing. He then finds a young and fierce woman from fishing community who he later trains and makes her fit for the championship. His association with this girl sounds out to be a roller coaster thing for him, so, what happens at the last is interesting to explore.

Script analysis

R Madhavan is finally comes out of the cocoon after playing the shy character of Manu in the sequel of the film – Tanu Weds Manu Returns. He was seen shedding all his shyness behind playing a dashing and extrovert boxing coach and sportsman over the silver screen. The film showcases a man who is the victim of sports politics and greed, which seems to be a similar story to the one what we saw in Chakde. The only difference that comes here it’s the sports, while other elements remain the same when we have sport politics doing all the rot in the film. Though there are bit of flaws like making the film predictable to some levels, however, overall, the film has an interesting and different kind of storyline in it.

Star Performances

R Madhavan is seen taking two years off from acting in order to bulk and beef up for the role he has played in the film. He in his extrovert and enthralling character has simply impressed the audience the most. He took all the care to physically transform himself for the same character conforming the heart and soul the best. His commitment for the character is vividly felt in the film, thanks to the character he has played so skillfully. The novice actress from the south against the actor Ritika Singh who is a real time boxer has to unlearn all the skills he hone from the coach to make the character real and strong over the silver screen.

Direction, Editing, Screenplay and other technical elements

Sala Khadoos has all the elements like Direction, Editing and screenplay going smooth and the best. The other technical elements like editing, screenplay and other things remained par to any good film in the B Town, which together helps in enhancing the entertainment value of the film. Similar is the story with Music and the songs found in it, which multiplies the entertainment value of the film.

Saala Khadoos – Last Word

Saala Khadoos is essentially a different movie, which showcases the menace of politics in sports. The film smartly showcases the unfulfilled dreams of a competitive boxer who becomes a loser simply due to the reason of being the victim of this stigma. It has a good content, nice direction and good performances, which simply makes the film unique and interesting. People who are not willing to catch sex comedies can certain find it a worthy watch with family and friends. This gives the film a better rating.

Rating – 3.5

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