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Rustom Movie Review


Good script & decent performances make the film a worth catch this Independence Day

This Friday you have two movies releasing, which certainly include the one called Rustom. It is a crime mystery, which is directed by Tinu Suresh Desai and written by Vipul K Rawal. The film has produced by the Special 26 & Baby fame director – Neeraj Pandey and others under the banner of Zee Studio along with KriArj Entertainment, Cape Of Good Films and Plan C Studios. The film has Akshay Kumar, Ileana D’Cruz and Esha Gupta in the lead roles along with others like Usha Nadkari, Sachin Khedekar, Kumud Mishra and Pawan Malhotra in the supporting roles. The film inspired by the 1959 incident of Naval Officer called Nanavati who killed his wife’s boyfriend but later acquitted by the courts considering his clean and crime free life. Let’s check the crux of the film.


The film is based on the life of a Naval commander called Rustom Pavri played by Akshay Kumar who is a patriotic and disciplined officer. Most of the times, he has to stay away on ship, which draws his wife close to his friend. She plans to leave her husband and marry the man but later realizes that he has a habit of sleeping with women and takes them for a ride for his own lust. This wrecks her down till her husband realizes the truth and kills him when he answers that he cannot marry every woman whom he sleeps with.  Since he is a responsible Naval Officer, he surrenders to the police and thus begins the trail wherein he pleads not guilty. His lawyers prove that it was a murder without predetermined intension and the lower courts acquits him but the verdict is challenged in the High Court by the deceased sister, which once again retains the same decision considering his clean image and patriotic life. So, how these things happen and the way these are carried out is worthy to be explored in the film.


The film has a simple and straightforward script, which is inspired by the real time incidence of 1959 in Bombay. However, the makers of the film have added a couple of things to make the film interesting, which sounds very much pleasing in the movie simply to boost up the entertainment values of the film. The film goes in a usual tone and speed showcasing love, romance and other things unlike seen in any settled and happy family; however, it has successfully showed the values of people of the fifties and sixties, like integrity and honesty that seemed to be a surprise in current context. In a sense it draws a good example to make the audience understand how things ruin in a family. The second half is all about the trials and tribulations shown in the courtroom with hot and cool arguments made by the lawyers of both the end. In the end you get to see some amount of spice for obvious reasons.


The film has some decent amount of performances. Akshay Kumar who is becoming among the highly paid actors in B Town has managed to showcase one of the best performances over the silver screen. He is good in playing the role of a office regardless of the uniform he has over his body. Unlike the RAW agent in Baby, the Army officer in Holiday and the fake Income Tax Officer and now a smart and energetic Naval officer, he has once again proved his dexterity over the silver screen and proved the point that he is the darling of filmmakers like Neeraj Pandey. Now, talking about Ileana D’Cruz as who plays his wife – Cynthia Pavri too was decent over the silver screen. She has tried to keep the glam element of the film up with some love making scenes and romantic sequences, but somehow was seen getting less screen space as compared to Akki. The others too were good but not that par as we saw Akshay Kumar.

Direction, Music, Editing and other elements

The film has a decent amount of direction as well, as he has tried to portray the action of the film the best. The case that has changed the course of action in the courtroom seeking not guilty for killing a man is interesting to catch. The director has smartly amalgamated a couple of elements in the film which makes it interesting and competitive. The music of the film is decent with a couple of good songs being roped in the film and similar is the story with other aspects of the film be it the screenplay, editing and other technical elements, everything seemed better helping to boost the entertainment value of the movie.

Rustom The Last Word

Rustom is a crime thriller, which though has an open story for the audience to catch but as you check it you have something interesting to unveil. That’s been the crux of the film, which the director has smartly directed. The actions and performance of Akki is really interesting and has made the film a worth watch. Overall, the movie is a decent film to catch so even if you do not happen to be an Akshay Kumar fan you can think of catching up the film in your nearest theatres.

Rating -3.5


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