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Rustom & Mohenjo Daro 1st Week Box Office Report

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Last Friday we had two big banner films releasing the Independence Day eve including Rustom and Mohenjo Daro. The former seems to be do better than the latter in a big way, though the opposite seems to be expected by the experts and many people. In fact, Akshay Kumar starrer film Rustom did much better than his earlier film released this year called Air Lift in the first week collection.

As per reports, the first week box office collection for Rustom tolled to around 90 crores that is better than the previous film Airlift of Akki with 83.5 crore. The fact of the matter is was released in 2317 screens and in terms of budget the film was lesser than the other film released called Mohenjo Daro.

Now, talking about the other film Mohenjo Daro, the film failed to do any magic over the box office. Made at a whopping cost of more than 100 crore, the film managed to get a low collection and failed thus to make revenue that has been pumped in the director for the film.

As per reports, the first week box office collection for Mohenjo Daro tolled to around 50 crores, while the lifetime collection as of today seems to have touched the amount of 60 crores, which is again a debacle in many ways.

Well, the film seems to have a wrong timing for its release as Akki starrer film Rustom is seen doing much better than this and is continue to perform the same way. So, not much is expected from this film in the coming time and Rustom would certainly going to enter in the 100 crore club defeating the other film in a big way for sure.

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