Russia’s Top Influencer Denis Lagutenko Reveals How He Set His Throne In Digital Advertising World

Denis Lagutenko

Social media has proved its importance and worth over the last decade and the world is witnessing a radical change with digitalization taking over. Every individual is making the use of the digital platform to gain recognition and earn money. Digital marketing is a vast field and everyone needs a mentor or a guide to help and understand the basics of online marketing. Denis Lagutenko is a young digital marketing influencer who is climbing the ladder of success with his outstanding work in the digital world.

He was born on December 9, 1985, in Moscow, Russia. Business as a skill he had since his childhood. He is the co-founder of ‘8bitgroup’ – a leading digital company which has 54 offices worldwide and has partners like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Smarty Ads among others. With this, he also co-founded ‘’ which manages many digital and affiliate marketing projects with having 50 offices across the globe. Not only this, but the dynamic influencer also owns ‘Ads Profit’, a top media buying and advertising agency in Russia which aims to build the traffic of their clients on the digital space.

The best thing about Denis is that he has a proper understanding of internet marketing. In simple words, he understands what to post at what time on the internet and what kind of ads will work digitally. Denis Lagutenko is also the founder of an internet marketing portal named ‘’ which keeps the people updated about the latest happenings and trends on social media. With having so much to offer in the digital world, the marketing guru is growing rapidly in the market.

His other venture includes Wow Nail, a renowned chain of nail salons spread across Moscow. His work has made him a part of a specialized conference like Synergy Global Forum where he talked about his global achievements. The versatility of Lagutenko’s work has made him a prominent name in Russia and we hope that he continues to expand his ventures and set a new benchmark for all the aspiring digital marketing specialists.

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