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Rupali Ganguly on Anupamaa, “When you are the face of the show, you know there is no option..”

Anupamaa has been ruling the TRP charts since it began and Rupali Ganguly is has been receiving a lot of love for it. As New Year is around the corner, shared the difficulties she faced in the year 2021 amidst the pandemic situation.

Rupali shared, “2021 was trying for all of us, for everybody. But there were blessings too. My family was safe and healthy. Then Anupamaa doing so well and giving me the due recognition as an actor was a blessing. But then again staying away from the family for about 60 days, staying away from my child for the first time in my life, and shooting in Silvassa, was tough. When you are the face of the show, you know there is no option as 150 families or more are dependent on the show, it becomes your moral responsibility that you work your hardest and the show goes on, no matter what!”

Rupali also revealed her wishes for the year 2022, “For 2022, I just wish for everybody that Corona disappears from our world. We’ve had enough of masks. My wish for next year is that we all stay safe, our families stay healthy and happy. Everybody should have kindness in their hearts to help others who do not have a voice, to help other humans in need. This world needs a little good happening around us.”

The actress also shared a sweet message for her fans, “To all the fans who have given me so much love, all the people who have supported me so much through 2021 and since Anupamaa started, I am looking forward to their support and love. I will continue entertaining their families, praying for their loved ones, as they give me such unconditional love. I am grateful to them and going forward I am hoping that Anupamaa continues to inspire and brings happiness into people’s lives. Lots of love to all the people who have given out love, all the people who have extended a helping hand, and to all of those people who have found kindness. God bless!”


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