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Rupali Ganguly believes that Anupamaa is setting an example for all the housewives

Rupali Ganguly who plays the most loved character Anupamaa recently revealed how she feels about people showering her with all the love. The actress says: “I just want to say that people keep showering their love. I am so happy and the entire credit for this track or anything would go to the creators, writers, and the director of the show. As an actor, I just am a mere puppet. With due years of experience, probably I want to give the writers a little more on what they have written only then I go home happy at heart, but the entire credit for this would definitely go to the main man, Rajan Shahi and his fantastic team.”

She replies: “I personally don’t believe in it because we try to keep the character as close to reality as possible. I think ‘Anupamaa’ won’t be ‘Anupamaa’ if she does a makeover. I believe that ‘Anupamaa’ will change when she wants to change; she will not change for anybody else. She is one woman who is independent and in control of herself despite everything that has happened.”

She further concluded, “She is setting an example for so many housewives about how to finally find a foothold in your own life. Housewives don’t change for anybody. They change when they want. ‘Anupamaa’ is comfortable in her own skin and she is comfortable in the way she looks.”

Talking about if she takes her character at home as well Rupali said, “I am blessed to be born to a father like Anil Ganguly and have been around sets all my life to understand that a character cannot be taken home with you. The only quality of ‘Anupamaa’ that I possess is the immense love for my family, my inner strength, my value system and for the fact that I can give up my life for my family.”

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