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Did You Know! Rupali Ganguly was a housewife for 7 years!

Rupali Ganguly is one of the industry’s most popular actresses. With her outstanding performance in Anupamaa, she is currently gaining hearts. Rupali Ganguly discussed the significance of self-love and how the success of Anupamaa transformed her life in a recent interview. She revealed that she was a housewife for seven years before landing a role in Anupamaa and that she had self-doubts about everything, including her appearance and body weight, before her comeback.

While talking to Etimes, Rupali Ganguly spoke about how the importance of self-love came from her show Anupama. “Usually, women are not able to accept their own self and they are not able to love themselves. Ohh yaar kash mere tummy thodi kum hoti, my skin is sagging should I do something with my face. It’s not like only other women do that I also sometimes think that way.” She added that this constant thinking of comparison is not right and that thinking about yourself first is important.

She also exposed that before taking up Anupamaa, she had requested producer Rajan Shahi to let her lose some weight as she was the lead heroine for Anupamaa. “He told Rupali I don’t want a heroine, I want a mother and you are perfect for the role because mothers are like this. Mothers don’t get time to hit the gym and have a perfect figure and have a flat stomach. Maa maa hoti hai, she will first think about her kids, family, house and later maybe she will think about herself if she gets time.

The actress additionally went on to reveal that she was a housewife for 7 years and she had self-doubts when she joined the show. She added, “Will I look good on-screen, will I look fat? Especially when you were once known for having a good figure. So to accept yourself onscreen and what people will think of me like why she has put on so much weight, how will look, will my show be accepted because maybe I will be so bad, will I be able to act well after 7 years gap, there were so many self-doubts.”


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 She said while adding that Anupama‘s show gets so much love, so she gets confidence and gets happiness.

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