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Rukh Movie Review : Thriller with a twist that is rare to see in Bollywood

Rukh Movie Review

Star Cast- Manoj Bajpayee, Smita Tambe, Kumud Mishra and Adarsh Gourav

Director – Atanu Mukherjee

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Genre- Thriller

Rating – 4.0


In this family thriller, we get to see a sudden death of his Diwakar Mathur which is played by Manoj Bajpayee while his son young Dhruv has to return form his boarding school to stay and support his mother Nandini played by Smita Tambe. As the days pass the young boy suspect that his father’s death is perhaps not an accident but a murder. So, what next goes the next is interesting to explore.


The film can be called as a different kind of thriller to find in B Town. Unlike the other thrillers found in B Town, we do not find it passing with the breakneck pace but at the same time the timing is not that slow either. We find the movie simply passing through the right and natural pace, while the heart of the film seems to be a coming of age movie. In the start, we get to see the boy to be an aggressive kind of young boy who changes his life when he sent out to the boarding school for assaulting his schoolmate. However, with another tragedy wrecking up he is back to normal leading a serious life. The plot of the filmmaker seems to be different and he is seen trying the first time such kind of twist in his movie. The ploy killing his father has been introduced in the movie in the most natural and smart way.

Now talking about the performances, we can find Kumud Misthra and Smita Tambe doing far better than required in the movie, while Manoj Bajopayee despite having a small role in the film has been incredible over the silver screen. Adarsh Gourav who has worked with films like My Name is Khan and Mom seems really incredible at the screen. He is too good in his performance, which seemed both mature and authentic. The film also has some amount of humor in it thanks to the witty dialogues and some cool lyrics that make you laugh as well.  Hence the film stands tall with other elements too working par with the required level of professionalism. Also, the cinematography for the film seems to be refreshing as majority of the frames seems interesting and will not make it dull and dark exercise.

Rukh The Last Word

It is rare to see such film and the kind of message it delivers to the audience apart from keeping you engrossed. You may find the film small and trivial, however, don’t let the film slip away for your radar as you will find it gripping content with incredible performances.

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