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Rubina Dilaik reveals the reason why her marriage with Abhinav Shukla was falling apart!

Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla are one of the most loved couples in the Television industry, the duo has garnered immense love from the audience during Bigg Boss 14. But they too had their lows, the couple even decided to part their ways.

Recently talking about the reason why her marriage was falling apart, Rubina said, “The crack was the gap of communication. We are two strong-headed people and at that point in time, you realise that small talks are not our subjects. So somewhere we just expect out of each other to understand without even talking, but covid played such a havoc on everybody’s mental state that speaking and talking and remaining in silence with each other wasn’t the option at that point in time because we were readjusting our lives in so many ways. That gap of communication just kept increasing.” Rubina revealed that it was easy for her to ‘understand and patch it up together’ because of how she has evolved from her past relationship, “Because you learn from your mistakes and there is a very specific pattern of your behaviour in every aspect. It’s just that now I realised my patterns.”

Rubina also revealed why she and Abhinav decided to talk about their divorce news on national television in the Bigg Boss 14 house, “I wasn’t hesitant enough. Firstly I was mindful of what kind of reality show I am going to do, secondly, the biggest reason, so as we had mentioned we were contemplating for separation and we had given ourselves six months. November was the time when we had to reassess ourselves whether we want to stay together or not. So in September, they approached us, Bigg Boss makers had been after me for 4-5 years to do it and I had always said I am not a Bogg Boss person. I and Abhinav were already making our own paths and bridging our own ways and everything and we had gone back to our farmhouse and were staying there. They called us and I told Abhinav, ‘Do you think we should do it?’ He said, ‘Dont you think we will be able to shift our focus from our problem to maybe someone else’s problem and maybe our problems just dissolve.’ and I said this is a different perspective, ‘But do you think it will be wise?’ Abhinav said, ‘Maybe it just gives another flavour to our lives.’ We discussed it.”

Rubina further revealed that Abhinav was hesistant to talk about the divorce on Bigg Boss, “I said ‘If we are going on a reality show and if we are not the real ones, you think people are going to connect to us. I think let’s go with our truth’. Bigg Boss makers had a creative call with us and asked me what do you think is unique about your relationship. I said my relationship is going to fall apart in the next two months or maybe we are going to bridge it again.”


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