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RRR Success Bash: Karan Johar praises SS Rajamouli, calls him a true genius

SS Rajamouli, Ram Charan, and Jr NTR, the RRR trio, have seized the box office by storm. The film has grossed over Rs. 1000 crore worldwide, with the Hindi version alone grossing over Rs. 200 crore. Dr. Jayantilala Gada of Pen Studios organised a success party in Mumbai to commemorate the film’s enormous success. Aamir Khan and Karan Johar, among others from the Hindi film industry, were present at the occasion.

At the event in Mumbai on Wednesday evening, Karan Johar spoke highly of RRR and SS Rajamouli.

“SS Rajamouli is a true genius and visionary. He has the imagination of a genius child. That imagination that children think of, he has the ability to go out there and execute it like a true visionary. When I first saw Baahubali I thought I had never seen something like that on the silver screen of Indian cinema. Then I saw Baahubali 2 and I thought ‘Oh my God! How do you up that? And do it with such aplomb’. And then you see ‘RRR’ and you’re like this is too good to be true,” the filmmaker said.

“This man, this maverick filmmaker cannot be real, you have to touch him to feel him and be convinced he’s real. You have to come to terms with the fact that this kind of talent is real and it can exist. I feel, S S Rajamouli is the biggest filmmaker that our country has probably ever seen. We must applaud him and his team for consistently upping the bar of Indian cinema. The standards are set by SS Rajamouli and we aspire to be students of that kind of cinema. We can try and execute what he has given to cinema on a platter,” he added.

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