Rone se jyada Mazza, Rulaane mei aata hai: Meghna Naidu


1.You’re back on television with ‘Amma’ please tell us a little about it?

In TV show ‘Amma’ I was playing a character called Hanan. She was love interest of Amma’s husband. Now generation leap had happened and Shabana Azmi will be playing role of Amma. Soon I will be sharing screen with her. So now the story is like we both have daughters and we keep arguing about the same guy as they are in love with the same guy and they come face to face and fight.
2.We see you in a lot of negative roles do you enjoy them more than positive ones?
Negative roles are fun to do because I don’t enjoy positive roles as much as I enjoy negative. Positive roles are fun but I don’t find it much cool as compared to negative. Frankly saying ‘Rone se jyada Mazza, rulaane mei aata hai’
So I love playing more of negative roles.

 3.We hear you’ve shot for three short films please tell us a little about all of them?
Yes! So Out of three short films one film is talking about educate a girl child and how important it is to educate a girl child in our society. Also in today’s generation it’s important to change the mentality of people who still think that girls shouldn’t study and become a house wife and look after kids etc. So it’s all about educate a girl Child and become independent.
2nd film is about censorship, nowadays censorship has started cutting scenes and dialogues, jokes etc. But some people still get A certificate for bold films or vulgar jokes. I don’t think specially it is necessary to cut scenes from the films even when if it’s okay. So my 2nd film is all about that.
3rd film I won’t be able to disclose at present.

 4.Do you think its important to be skinny and thin for one to make it in the industry?
I don’t think so because I am against the fact of being skinny or thin. But these days whoever you see is probably Minus size figure. I have been fit and not skinny since so many years. I am getting work because I am not skinny or minus size figure. I am happy with however I look. I have done so many tv shows, South films but I have never faced such issues where I have to be super skinny n all. I have got roles according to the way I look and the way I am. And I think it’s alluring even if I am not skinny. Also I would like to tell to today’s generation that please do not take such things so seriously and don’t torture yourself by doing heavy diets, workouts etc. Just make sure whatever you eat have a balance diet and exercise regularly. Love yourself.

5.Your song ‘Kaliyon ka chaman’ was an epic number why haven’t we seen you in any music videos after that?

There’s a reason behind it because ‘Kaliyon Ka Chaman’ was a super hit album but I had done many music videos after that but it did not get that hype as compared to ‘Kaliyon Ka Chaman’. Whatever music videos I would do were all compared to Kaliyon Ka Chaman. So after a point I thought it was useless to do any music videos because at the end it was always compared with the popularity of Kaliyon Ka Chaman.

6. What next for Meghna Naidu?
I am waiting for a marathi film to be released. Om puri and I are playing lead roles in it and it’s based on politics. Currently I am doing TV show ‘Amma’, once that finishes I would probably take another TV show. I am doing 3 short films. Also I am getting offers from the south.  I do stage performances, so lots of things are in pipeline. As far movies is concerned I prefer to focus on South films as I am getting good roles to play.

7.Is television the medium you wanted to be a part of or was it films?
Frankly speaking I have done so many films but I think why not television if I am getting good offers. Also in today’s date television is one of the biggest platforms to be in and it is not that easy as it looks, it’s one of the difficult medium to work in.

8.Tell us  a little about where we lost you to in between as we did not see you on screen for the longest time?
I disappeared in between because I had opened a dance school and I shifted there. I did very well in the dance school but frankly saying an actor is a actor at the end of the day. So somewhere I am so addicted to acting as I was missing coming back on screen. So I shut down my dance school after three years and came back here. I thinks dance school can be a retirement plan for me.

9.What is your diet and fitness regime like?
I am into fitness, I work out a lot, I used to be an athlete earlier so it involved playing tennis. Or else I go to gym to do weight train. So I involve in lot of physical activity. In diet I eat anything and everything but in a moderate portion. I specifically take care of my diet when I am out for shoot.


I would like to spread message of love and awareness. Be aware of what is going around you. Help others. Also I am talking to lots of girls these days who are into diet training and all. I have seen girls going under depression because of overweight. All I want to say is it’s not important how you look, it’s important how you feel and you will get work even if you are healthy and not skinny. Love yourself and the world will love you more.


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