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Roll Ball Player Nikhil Ramesh Chindak Talks about his Journey

Roll Ball Player Nikhil Ramesh Chindak
Roll Ball Player Nikhil Ramesh Chindak

What Excites you to be a Roll Ballplayer?

I think it’s a representation of collaboration,
friendship, excitement..There are so many positive values associated with Rollball. It’s something really fun and a unique sport. It’s so much adrenaline to see a Roll ball game and it’s pretty amazing when you see your team scoring a goal.

2) From which age you started practicing?

I was 7 years old when I was attracted to this sport and dreamt of playing for my country.

3) what struggle you have faced and how challenging it was?

The toughest challenge I’ve ever faced is the ongoing challenge of coping with the strong and diverse personalities of family, friends, and the outside world. While encouraging them to be the best they can be, while achieving goals; keeping the peace; maintaining a sense of humor, and not losing sight of who you are and your dreams and aspirations. In this, my biggest support was my coach who bought me back into this sport, and my family who always stood by me in all times.

4) after achieving a gold medal for our country are you proud and satisfied?

Yes, I am very happy that my hard work paid off well, I was able to play for my country very few people get this privilege and I’m so thankful to the Almighty, my coach who had an immense amount of faith in me, and my parents it is because of their blessings that I have been able to come up so far. Moreover, a sportsman never gets satisfied. Otherwise, I would have been satisfied after winning the nationals.

5) Most emotional moment while Playing for Our country? Were you nervous or excited?

Emotions run high among players in every discipline and Roll ball is no such exception. The level of competitiveness in professional sports has reached greater heights, and when both sides give their best, and when you are representing your country in front of so many people who are highly experienced and talented you feel a bit nervous may be due to the pressure of scoring a goal or not allowing the opposing team to score a goal. There is excitement as well because finally, you will be living your much-awaited dream.

6) many people don’t usually participate in Sports? Agree or not?

I partially agree with it not completely because compared to the past few decades the youngsters are taking up an interest in sports in a similar way as they take up for academics. They are aiming to build up a career in sports of their choice and the coaches and the government is also taking up initiatives to push forward such interested and trained sports players who can in the future represent our city, state, or nation at different levels.

7) Incoming 5 years where do you see yourself?

Playing for India once again(fingers crossed) I really want to play for my country once again. And I’m really looking forward to training youngsters to guide and motivate them towards this sport.

8) How secure you feel your future is? If not a Roll Ballplayer what would have been your alternate choice?

Future is always secure for those people who are performing their responsibilities with dedication towards their work. If not Roll ball I would be an entrepreneur.

9) your favorite sportsmen and why?

I really adore 2 sports personalities who have been my very strong inspiration one is Mr. Sandeep Singh who taught me to never give up no matter how hard the times are your situation will change if you never give. Secondly, I really look up to Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni he has taught me to rise above all odds and seize the opportunity but remain grounded and be humble and calm in all situations.

10) who is your inspiration in your Journey to whom you will like to give credit?

The credit completely goes to my coach Mr. Chetan who actually bought me back into this sport and My family especially my mom and my uncle who supported me throughout my journey I owe it to them without them I wouldn’t be standing where I am today.

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