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Rohanpreet Singh clarifies baby rumours of Neha Kakkar

Last December, singers Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh made headlines when they dropped a photo of her appearing to be cradling a baby bump. Despite the fact that it was confirmed to be from their song video, Khyaal Rakhya Kar, there are still rumours about her pregnancy. In the inaugural episode of their new show, Life of Kakkars, the Kakkar family set the record straight.

‘Tony ban gaya mama (Tony is now an uncle)’ played in the background as musician Tony Kakkar walked into a toy store and bought a big load of toys, to the tune of his song Kurta Pyjama. The video then cuts to Rohanpreet receiving a call from his mother, who was angry that he had been kept in the dark.

Even as he tried to tell her anything, Rohanpreet’s mother asked him to make sure Neha ate well and warned him about pregnancy mood swings. Shots of Neha coming out with a pregnancy test and hugging Rohanpreet joyfully were interlaced throughout.
The writing on the screen stated that members of the Kakkar family will reveal whether or not what has been presented thus far was accurate. Tony began by stating that he is the family’s youngest member and that he now desires a younger partner. Neha interrupted him, calling him a liar and asserting that he was older than her. Their mother soon entered the scene and confirmed that Neha was the family’s youngest child.

Neha claimed that a flight attendant recently asked her whether she was pregnant while she was travelling. Tony, too, claimed that he went to a cafe and the waiter, instead of taking his order, inquired about his personal life, “Sir, aap mama banne wale ho (are you going to become an uncle)?”

Rohanpreet said that he got angry calls from his friends, who were unhappy about him being secretive. Neha talked about how her break from Indian Idol earlier this year was seen as maternity leave whereas the truth is that she wanted a breather from television, having been a judge on the show since its tenth season.

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