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Rock On 2 Trailer Review


The Magik is simply disappeared in the Sequel

Ever since the first look poster of the film Rock On 2 was released, the sequel was making good news for various reasons. The buzz was on till the day the film trailer was released. However, comparing to the earlier one, a ray of disappointment was seen spreading all around giving reactions from the people that they expect much from the sequel and in a sense the makers have failed to give a captivating film unlike seen in the prequel of this cult classic franchise.

The sequel does have certain common elements unlike seen in the prequel. The film started at the very same time when it ended in the prequel, however, the last time when Magik performed it was eight years ago and soon you find the same crew with some added faces in it like Shashank Arora and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead roles.

Instead of covering Bombay, this time the movie is set in the North East India and it showcases the lead actors battling their inner turmoil in order to find the solace using the medium of music. The teaser of the movie was launched a couple of days before giving up the peep inside what we can really expect from the movie. And frankly, it failed to have lived up to the expectations. While Shraddha Kapoor simply appeared to be a great misfit in the film, the original band mats too somewhere failed to get into the chemistry which the prequel had.

As we check the official trailer of the sequel, it is really hard to imagine that it is the same Rock On series, which has created a good buzz amidst the young crowd and audience, which the sequel seems to be lagging behind. In a sense even if we speak with great modestly we end up saying that the film Rock On 2 seems to have given some mixed feelings here after all the fire and magik which the prequel had seems to be missing in the second installment of this great music cult franchise.

Manoj L


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