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Rita Ora was bullied at school over her figure.

Rita Ora

The 24-year-old singer has admitted she was targeted by her fellow pupils because she hit puberty at 13 and began to grow “breasts and a butt” before everyone else.

She told Yahoo! Style: “I matured much earlier when I was growing up. I started my period when I was, like, 13.”

She added: “I started to get breasts and a butt way younger than other kids. I went to musical theatre school where we would wear leotards for dance classes, so you couldn’t really hide anything. I used to get bullied for it.”

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty has teamed up with Rimmel for the second time for her Oh My Gloss! lip launch, and has admitted the girly colours have been a change for her.

She explained: “I’m not really the girliest person in the world, and it’s lovely to see the pastel pinks. I like to experiment with my look and my image.”

Rita believes she’s starting to experiment more with her makeup looks now she feels confident and alluring in her skin.

She added: “I think it was definitely a confidence mask starting out, but now I’m getting into it and really understanding it. I’m starting to experiment more, especially with my eye makeup.”

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