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Rishi Kapoor – Grabbed Under Sparking Controversies for Eating Beef

Rishi Kapoor

With the sparking title one thing is clear for sure, either it’s our country or somewhere round the globe, the Bollywood stars and celebs are somehow either directly or indirectly grabbed under controversies. Let’s make this more transparent to you’ll. One of the olden gold star of B town, the one n only star ‘Rishi Kapoor’ seems to be sizzling on the floor. But, for what exactly he’s sizzling for? Isn’t? That might be the query behind each of his fans and of course some of you might have got it from the title itself don’t? So, have a look what’s cooking behind the scenes.

The renowned star Rishi himself tweeted on social media platform as “In our country anyhow the celeb’s daily needs like eating food especially is correlated with religion” – As per the sources. And thus with reference to this he’s also grabbed uncertainly. Moving on to the sources it is also said that his family is also getting teased by some fellow people just because he’s eating beef meat in his daily diet but occasionally whenever he’s in foreign countries. However, when it comes to our Indian mentality then the entire scenario is rolled out like a fire in the whole and hence he’s facing too many hurdles on the same.

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