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Rishi Kapoor gets into an abusive Twitter fight with Pakistani women

rishi kapoor

With Pakistan pronouncing death penalty to former Indian Navy officer Kulbhushan Jadhav under spying charges, Rishi Kapoor is horribly getting slammed for speaking up against the decision. The veteran actor, who never hesitates from calling spade a spade, went on a Twitter rant expressing his displeasure over the saddening news.

He wrote, “Sorry India.Tried to broker peace via actors,films,sports etc..with Pakistan,but they just want hatred,so be it!Taali do haath se bajti hai!” While Rishi was just being brutally honest. You now how many haters he’s grown over time? Within few seconds of posting this tweet, Pakistanis spared no chance to abuse him left right and center and Rishi lost his cool.

In a series of angry tweets, Rishi Kapoor has hit back at every abuser, literally making them regret why did they even think of messing with him. In fact strangely, most of the Pakistanis who’ve got into this abusive fight with the actor are women where Rishi even lashed out at one of the ladies saying, “Mind your language young lady! Surely your parents did not teach you to speak to elders this way.

In case you’re wondering why is Rishi Kapoor dirtying his Twitter wall by responding to such abusive tweets then well, the actor had himself confessed how the solution to lessen the number of haters is by abusing back at them. He had said, “They are the ones who are abusing me and taking advantage of my situation. Such is their conviction lol”, concluded Rishi in another tweet.

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