Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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“Why there is rise of ‘Intolerance’ in India?” Mahika Sharma

Mahika Sharma Intolerance’ in India
Mahika Sharma Intolerance’ in India

On the issue of growing sense of intolerance one of the young well known aspiring actress and social figure Mahika Sharma tries to convey her views.

Mahika shares, “In the last couple of months, many Indian litterateur, actors, retired judges and civil society members have expressed there concern on this growing sense of ‘intolerance’. Even, the President himself have appealed for tolerance, which itself proves that there is a growing sense of intolerance in our country, else at least the President would not have spoke on it. We see that attempts made to create tension and divide Indians into two particular community miserably fired in the Country. Let it be the rhyming words like from Babri to Dadri or the application seeking restriction on the killing of religious animals. The people are seen succeeded to fall as a prey.”

Concluding she adds, “If we think for a second, Dilwale and PRDP were publishing Srk and Salman. Very easily  with a statement instead of a movie the third popular actor came in notice with her statement.”

Here we see one more actress joins the debut.

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