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From rickshaw driver to becoming film director, Jai Bhosale is entering Bollywood with ‘Transgender’

Every once in a while, there comes a person who realises his dream to become a filmmaker and achieves it with handwork and struggle. Jai Bhosale, 24 years old film director is one such person. When I ( Prajakt Rebeloma ) met him the first time, he seemed an average looking guy who wanted to make a name in this industry. But once i talked with him, i came to know his journey from selling vegetables on street to starting big business to get where he is today. Yes, he belonged to a middle class family who struggled for daily bread and butter. His parents wanted him to study and prepare for a government job. But Jai Bhosale had different ambitions. He left his home and started his own business of selling vegetables on street. Soon he managed to save some amount to buy auto rickshaw and changed his profession by becoming auto rickshaw driver. Fortunately, he met someone who hired him for one business deal related to jewellery. Jai successfully cracked the deal and became favourite of the businessman who hired him.

Jai Bhosale
Jai Bhosale

He was appointed to crack deals and managing the business. This gave him the opportunity to visit ahmedabad. Jai joined a 6 months filmmaking course in ahmedabad and started his filmmaking journey. No one gives chance to newcomers easily which he realised very soon. But that didn’t stop him from making his own films. Jai bhosale took baby steps by making short films like ‘Pali’ and ‘Chiklya’ which grabbed many awards in film festivals. Still, his parents were doubtful about his choice of career. But his mama and grandparents believed in his vision and supported him financially every once in a while. Due to his passion of transforming his ideas on screen, some of his friends started supporting him and this helped him to start his new journey of making a feature film called ‘Transgender’.

‘Transgender’ will be Jai’s first feature film which is based on a mentally disordered child who struggles to survive in this world full of dangers. Jai is currently working on it’s pre-productoin planning every detail to execute shoot according to his vision. For this, he has decided to hire actors from west india but mostly the technical crew will be from south. Jai told us ‘ I think, south indian make movies with very good technical mastery and i am planning to blend artists from west and rest of the team from south. I wanted to make this movie after 5 years but due to the trust my friends and colleagues and putting on me, ‘Transgender’ will be shot in coming 6 months.’ Even though, the shoot of Transgender is yet to be scheduled, Jai is confident that once it’s made, it will earn a good name in film festivals due to it’s story and strong subject. Right now, Jai has held auditions in Pune for casting and is busy with budgeting and research. We hope that ‘Transgender’ will bring something exciting on screen and some new faces will be seen. We are in touch with Jai bhosale to keep you ( readers ) informed about the progress of his feature film ‘Transgender’.

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