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Richa Chadha recently questions the backlash and says much

richa chadha

Richa Chadha recently questions the backlash and talks more about it. Richa Chadha says – “I did not see the same outrage or criticism when my colleagues play someone from an underprivileged background or a certain community. Why am I being set to a higher standard? Who are these people trying to police an individual’s choice about what you can wear or cannot?”

She further adds – “You can’t wear an Ambedkar T-shirt but people can happily carry his posters during protests and at that time it is not termed as appropriation. This film is a learning process for me and it is an ongoing one. By shaming me, it isn’t like I can learn any faster.”

Talking about Madam Chief Minister, Richa Chadha says – “It is a very different film for me. I hope people are able to engage with it and find it entertaining. It’s been made keeping a commercial point-of-view in mind. If there is a message in the story, if people feel it is an attack on the caste system or oppression of a gender, then it will be a bonus for us.”

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