Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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RGV summoned in court for making fun of Ganesha on Twitter

RGV summoned in court

Ram Gopal Varma has been controversial film maker not just in his reel life but also the real life. He is known to make fun of many deities over the microblogging site called Twitter. So considering this track record of this man he is being now called by a court in Mumbai that has issued a summons to Ram Gopal Varma. The court has acted over the complaint filed against the filmmaker for making fun of Lord Ganesha” on the microblogging Twitter.

As per reports, the Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court based in Andheri has issued the summons to the filmmaker the previous week, which was seen directing him to appear before it on 8 August. The complaint against RG Varma was filed by the man called Vivek Shetty, who happens to be the managing director of Indus Communications. It was alleged that the controversial director and producer  apart from questioning the capability of the Hindu Lord called Ganesha to remove the number of hurdles from the path of his devotees and then was seen making fun of the elephant god’s physical attributes on the microblogging website.

The complainant also was seen giving allegation that Varma’s comments were made in “bad taste” and was primarily meant to insult to the Hindu mythological Lord Ganesha. He called the tweets as outrageous and hurting the religious sentiments of the Hindu community. The court has set up an enquiry and the police investigation has found such comment by the filmmaker. The filmmaker is yet to make any comment on this court notice.

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