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Review of The Great Indian Kapil Show Ep 9: Farah Khan & Anil Kapoor Deliver Hilarious, Side-Splitting Comedy!

The ninth episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show was an absolute riot, featuring Farah Khan and Anil Kapoor who had the audience in stitches with their hilariously silly jokes. These jokes, though silly, managed to elicit laughter from everyone. The best part was that the jokes were honest and targeted at each other, adding to the fun and entertainment. Undoubtedly, Anil Kapoor and Farah Khan were the most energetic and lively superstars to grace the show thus far. When a star interacts seamlessly with the team, it leads to a successful episode, as was evident in this case. The episode featuring Anil Kapoor and Farah Khan was absolutely insane. It felt like a group of close friends taking playful jabs at each other and engaging in friendly roasting. For instance, Farah Khan made a cheeky remark about Akshay Kumar, which created quite a stir.
Despite the scripted nature of the humor, it was still enjoyable to witness the instant raw humor that managed to generate laughter and giggles. Farah Khan’s continuous roasting of Anil Kapoor throughout the show, portraying his personality as that of a cat that has eaten a hundred mice, was spot-on and worked like magic. Meanwhile, Kapil Sharma and his team took a step back and allowed the guest stars to take the lead this time. With fewer gigs and acts from the team, the guest stars truly shone and became the stars of the night, and it was a resounding success. The highlight of the show was when Rajiv Thakur finally got the opportunity to perform and revealed that all of his previous gigs had been edited.
This led to a real conversation between him and Kapil Sharma, with both of them engaging in playful roasting. It brought back the nostalgia of the good old times when such fun and roasts were a common sight. This episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show truly deserves to be back in the top 10 global charts on Netflix. The honesty and genuine humor displayed in this episode make it a worthy contender. Here’s hoping that it receives the recognition it deserves.

Ziya Khan


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