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Review : Jai Ho Democracy Is A Satirical Tale unveiling country’s political system and media’s obsession for ‘breaking news’

Jai Ho Democracy movie review

The movie Jai Ho Democracy is all set to hit theaters this Friday falling under the genre of comedy. It is written and directed by one of the most talented and skilled filmmaker Ranjit Kapoor who is the same man behind the classic cult of 1982 called Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro. It is a dark satire starring one of the seasoned actors of Bollywood including Om Puri, Annu Kapoor, Adil Hussain, Satish Kaushik, Seema Biswas and Adil Hussain. The movie unveils the filth and the dirt witnessed inside the Indian Polity and rat race evident at the TV media. Jai Ho Democracy is produced by Bikramjeet Bhullar under the production banner of Indian Production House. Now, let’s dig deep into the film to find out its crux.

Let’s start with the plot of the film. You evident a freaky incident taking place in the Indian camp, which trigger the cold war over LoC debate with the Pakistani counterparts, while on the other side, it’s a no man’s land. The news about the standoff witnessed among the two camps gets leaked to a super enthusiastic media channel reporter and in no time, the news is spreading over the media that the two nations are just on the verge to break a war. With the sensational disclosure and no evidence, both the government and the people are in a big surprise. This even alerts the global bodies as well, which follows the home ministry sets up a committee and claims that the report will decide whether the country should go on a war or not.

The committee is chaired by the former Supreme Court judge having people with ex army background, parliamentarian, activists, etc. Here you get to see a number of hilarious and silly kinds of meetings wherein members of the committee are simply finding reasons to fight and pull the legs of others in the meeting keeping all the protocol, rules and etiquette at bay. With no time remaining, the actual discussion issue is lost all in chaos soon you find them clashing their personal egos. Amidst all, everyone outside including the government, defense bodies and global groups are simply waiting to see the decision about the war until they realize that the members within the committee are just keen to kill each other. The movie is seen in a humorous hide and seek ride wherein the politicians inside the camp love to waste their time along with maintaining their status quos along with filling up their minds with pride and vanity.

Now, let’s talk about performances. The movie starts with a irrelevant incident wherein they find a hen in no man’s land near the Line of Control (LoC) area. Soon you find one of the Indian army cooks entering the forbidden area where the people on the other side make a huge and cry. This simply follows people from India to retaliate. Amidst all this, you can find the lead characters like Om Puri playing the right wing heavy weight politician called Pandeyji doing a great job. He was superb in his performance, which helped him to embark with an ace dexterity and performance. On the other side, Annu Kapoor playing the character called Ramalingam who happens to be a retired SC Judge heading the committee too has impressive role to play.

The others like Satish Kaushik, Seema Biswas and Adil Hussain too were great while playing their character with utter professionalism. The director has left no stone unturned to grip the audience with compelling content in the film along with elements like humor and interesting dialogues, which gives the audience less loo breaks. The other elements like editing, performance, screenplay, music and even the tracks of the film seem to be promising. In a runtime of 84 minutes the movie with its tag of U/A from the Censor Board entertains everyone.

Jai Ho Democracy Review – Final Word

JSD on the face of it appears to be a decent film; however digging deep the idea seems to be incomplete. The political mudslinging witnessed in the film carrying a couple of wisecracks, you may sense a dearth of good writing. At times jokes in the film are seen stretching and getting repeated as well until they are seen losing the fun element in it. The characters too are at times seen digressing from the core issues, which mars the scope of getting entertained for a longer run. However, the characters played by the veterans are simply outstanding. Despite the decent plot with incredible performance, the movie is seen with a tangible message at the end. However, at the end the script is seen losing steam, which makes the director to rely more on the bizarre kind of slapstick comedy giving the audience a farfetched climax.

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